Eat to Run: Smoothies for Runners by CJ Hitz Book Review

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Smoothies for Runners
When I was invited to review CJ’s new book for an honest review I was delighted, especially since I drink so many smoothies.  Being a vegetarian I am always looking for more recipes for healthy living and was able to add several more to my diet from this book.

Since cinnamon is already a part of my regular intake to help increase brain function and curb sugar cravings, the cinnamon smoothie recipe was one that I knew I’d enjoy.  Something else I considered is that the drinks can be made with or without the protein mix; however, many vegetarians are glad to add it because this is something usually missing in our diets.
I think my favorite recipe is “Giddy Up Granny.”  Although I’m not keen on that name (some of the other names are quite fun), I like the ingredients especially since I use spinach in almost every smoothie I drink.  Some of the combinations like in the ChocChocaramel Almond D-Lite recipe I would have never thought of putting together.
The reader must keep in mind that these beverages are geared to the sports-minded lifestyle (as in running).  These are great drinks, but remember what you are trying to accomplish with each one you select.
There are a few drawbacks you may want to consider if you’re trying to cut calories. Although healthy, some of these smoothies may not necessarily help you reach that desired weight loss goal unless they are used as replacement meals, because many are high in carbohydrates (and/or fat). The CocoMint Christmas Cheer and Cuconut Craving recipes are lower in calories, fat, carbs and in protein.
Also keep in mind the level of protein in each smoothie if you are on certain medications. If you are on Warfarin or other blood thinner medications of that type, consult your doctor before drinking any protein shake/smoothie.  Protein drinks may clear the medication from your blood stream and could cause serious blood clotting.  (We know this from personal and medical experience.)
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Health Master Elite Blender
The author does mention that he uses a Vitamix blender, but doesn’t recommend any certain one to be used.  I use a Montel Williams LWHME HealthMaster Elite Blender but any high power one will work fine.
His recipes also call for Garden of Life® RAW protein powder, but we are not given any information about the product.  I researched to find out that the company has a large range of products and this one is organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten, dairy and soy free (which is a benefit for those going through menopause). 
The RAW Fit line is designed for weight loss when used properly, but is quite pricey at over $5.00 a packet (not including the other ingredients). Regular “RAW” products are half the price and can be purchased in a larger size.
An added bonus in the 64 page book, is the additional link sponsorship information listed at the end for those interested in digging deeper into this lifestyle.
The photographs are inviting drawing you in to “try” each smoothie for yourself.  Plus I like how the author includes a bit of information or “tips” to help add to the overall smoothie experience to the consumer.  In these new 24 smoothie recipes, CJ uses a vast variety of fruits and vegetables to satisfy the palate so that you don’t get bored of drinking the same thing on a daily basis.
Although I am not a runner, I believe that these Smoothies for Runners recipes can benefit anyone, especially if they are trying to improve their overall eating habits. Check it out and let me know what you think. 
Smoothies for Runners by CJ Hitz

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  1. My sister loves drinking smoothies and I think she'd enjoy this book. Thanks for your review of it.

    1. I did find plenty of recipes even non-runners would like. Good to see you Marie. Thanks for taking time to stop by during your busy schedule.


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