Butterfly by Elvy P. Rolle Children's Book Review

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When I'm in the market for children's books there are certain things that must make it to my "got to have this" book list, especially if it's for education purposes. 

For a start, the cover must "pop" off the page and jump out at me. It has to grab my attention visually and overtake anything around it.  If you were in a bookstore, Elvy's beautiful book for children called "Butterfly" would do just that. 

I had come in contact with Elvy's work through another writer, and she asked if I would review her book.   I'm extremely selective about the books that I review, so as a favor I checked out some details and fell in love with the entire landscape of this piece from cover to cover.
Simply put … in the case of "Butterfly" the picture does speak a thousand words, it's that beautiful.   When my friend introduced me to the writings of Elvy, I was the one being blessed!

Before the reader even opens the book we become engaged with what's happening on the cover.  A little boy is relaxing in a hammock with his sandal shoes on the ground in a garden-like setting.
While enjoying his book on butterflies what does he encounter? A butterfly flutters by and dances around his head, bringing the words he is reading to life. 

As we open the over-sized book, the author reminds us of a wonderful quote from renowned author, E.G. White.  

"There is health and happiness for children in the study of nature;
 and the impressions made will not fade out of their minds, for they will be associated with objects that are continually before their eyes." 

The first few pages are bursting in full color with nothing written on them only stirring the imagination of the reader. The novelist begins to tell the story as we imagine the transformation of the caterpillar to a glorious Blue Morpho butterfly. 

The life of a butterfly unfolds on each page as we encounter various butterflies and how they journey from child to child and yard to yard.

The words are few but cause the reader to engage with the activities that take place in each scene. Little eyes must study every detail painted across the pages if they are to find visions of butterflies wherever their focus takes them. 

Look high as fluffy butterfly clouds blow by. Look low for chalk drawings on the path where we walk.  As the children are playing, each doing their own thing, they witness the butterflies coming to bid them welcome.  Butterflies are everywhere and with each child they meet, they are received with joy and wonder. 

The brilliant rainbow of colors is a feast for the eyes painting a portrait of delight on every page. I love how the story flows as if we're following the butterflies as they travel around town, dropping in on the children wherever they can be found. 

There is an underlying message and tone that reflects not only physical nature, but the nature of God. The butterflies live and thrive among the birds and bees, flowers and trees.  However the message that the butterflies demonstrate is that God loves everyone.  Oh, if we could see that through the eyes of a child like these little ones do in this story.

A child will envision every word as a literal movement of the eleven butterflies they see. Although the words are not all for young readers having not been exposed to them (ages 3+), this book leans toward the creative and developmental side of the learning experience. Practical exercises in colors, object identification, matching, counting are part of this interactive learning book. 

In the final pages where the children gather with raised hands, they all wish their playful time with the butterflies didn't have to end.  

Closing notes are directed to the parent or educator to engage the child(ren) in several activities. There are two activities I found that kids would enjoy along with an adult.  

1 - The author suggests that we reveal each page to identify the specific eleven butterflies throughout the book, highlighting the Blue Morpho on each page.  

2 - I don't know if the author intended this, but I believe it was purposed in her heart not to leave out any child. Another fun activity is for the young reader to go back and identify each child from the group page and see if they can remember what each child was doing when their winged friend entered their playtime.

"Nature's pages" have found a delightful way to engage both the child and adult with whimsical and beautiful illustrations.  It captures the beauty of God's creations in nature and the innocence in the heart of a child.  

I would highly recommend this book to be added into the creative design of any child's educational library whether at home or school. 
Although this is available in eBook format, I would greatly suggest the printed version.  You won't be disappointed!

My Book Review Rating:★★★★★

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Illustrated by Maksym Stasiuk
Available in paperback and eBook.
40 pages copyright 2015

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