The Crabb Family: “Icon” Music Review

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It was in June while eating at an IHOP restaurant that I met Larry the waiter. When I first saw him I did a double take because he looked so much like the Christian recording artist Jason Crabb.

He went round the table writing down the orders of the people who were with us. It was my turn to place an order only I had something else I wanted to say to him.

"You look so much like Jason Crabb." I said. With a puzzled look on his face he said, "Who?" The conversation continued. "Don't tell me you don't know who Jason Crabb is?" Well, he didn't. From that point on I no longer called him Larry, but Larry Jason. The entire table got a kick out of it and especially our server.

The meal was over and we all said our good-byes, but I couldn't let this go, and decided to visit a local Christian Book Store to see if I could find a CD of Jason Crabb's.

Browsing through the selections I came across the perfect CD that had most of my favorite recordings from the Crabb Family. It was this CD that I purchased to take back to "Larry Jason." As a matter of fact, I liked it so much I returned to the store and bought one for us.

Why I love "The Crab Family: Icon" CD
The Crabb family has been a favorite of mine for about ten years now. I love how they family sings together and their respect for one another, but mostly I love their testimony. The words to their songs touch the heart, and when Jason sings you can't help but cry because he is such an inspiration.

Finding a CD with so many of an artists top hits on it is really rare. The Icon CD with the Crabb siblings on the cover is one of those finds. Each one is so talented and brings something different to the group.

This recording has twelve songs: "Don't You Wanna Go" is an upbeat song that talks about going to Heaven. Once you hear it you'll want to keep singing it over and over.

"Please Come Down to Me" and "Through the Fire" are two more of their best selling songs and among my favorites. However, "Please Forgive Me" always brings me back to the cross of Jesus and to my knees in prayer.

Other songs include: Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus, He Came Looking for Me, I'd Rather Have Jesus, I Go to the Rock, the Cross, Redeemed, Amazing Grace and Lamb, Lion and King.

Jason is also an author of "Trusting God to See You Through". 

Enjoy the Crabb Family at Their Best
Once you've heard the Crabb family you will want to listen to all their songs. Here are a few that I really enjoy and I hope you will too. Music is also available in MP3.
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