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Raising the Hert of the Family

books by Vicki Courtney

Vicki has been dedicated to writing books that minister to the entire family instilling values that last a lifetime.  Her vast collection of topics includes marriage, relationships between parent and child, teen and tween years.

 Available in eBook
 Raising Daughters
There is a Mothers of Teens, DVD Leader Kit & Member Book.
Available also: Study Leader's Kit with DVS, Audio, MP3
Teen Girls & Relationships
TeenVirtue 2 guides you through the relationships: with family, with friends, with boys, and with God. It also deals with fashion and offers designs that will not compromise their faith.
You can make it through these tough years and reap the rewards of being a rare find with worth far above rubies, a virtuous girl!
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Tween Girls ~ Faith, Family, Friends & Fun
This all new, full color, magabook Between Us Girls helps young ladies in their spiritual and social walk in life.  Besides the articles, girls ages 8 to 12 will love the games, quizzes and fashion photos.
A Look At Proverbs ~ God & Me
 A great resource for tween girls.  It is written in a language they understand and guides them through Proverbs.  Inside the Biblezine are photos, Q & A sections, and chapter by chapter teachings.  Topics cover things like friendship, dealing with anger, being lazy and gossiping.
Tweens Girls Guide to Life
Our little girls are growing up into young beautiful women. Between the ages of 8 and 12 now have their own fun-filled guide to help them deal with boys, social issues and their relationship with God.  It also encourages girls to be themselves and not try to grow up too fast.  It's ok to be a girl.
Mother’s & Sons

Vicki uses biblical examples of Jacob, Rebekah, Hannah and Samuel in breaking down barriers between parent and child. Her book leads you into the trenches of the child's life helping them grow in spirit, soul and body. She reminds moms that their sons are on loan and are not theirs, but God's.
No matter what age your son is, it is important that they are always given the truth concerning the lies of this world.  Vicki addresses the issues of how to help your son be a godly man, learn self-discipline, and talks openly about the danger of premarital sex.  She suggests ways to help you keep the communication lines going between parent and child.
Surviving Parenthood CD
Teen girls used to hang out at the mall and spend hours on the phone. Social media has changed the way our girls think and act. Texting, gadgets and online chat rooms are the new hangouts.
Learn how to protect your teens without squashing their spirit.
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