Christmas: A Season of Hope with Don Moen CD Review

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Don and I go back at least a few decades ... well, his music and I do that is. For as long as I can remember I have been singing Christian music in church and at home recorded and written by this legendary artist.

Every year I look forward to the new music that ushers in the Christmas spirit. Last year I received an e-mail from Don Moen and Friends that offered a free download of his newest recording A Spirit of Hope.

This would be Don's first attempt to produce his own record, and with much prayer and diligence it was first released in October 2012.

As he put it for this recording project: "This time, I followed my heart and not my head."

Continuing in his spirit of giving, Mr. Moen gives free downloads to new releases or specials throughout the year as a gift of thanksgiving to God and to his faithful partners in ministry through prayer or support.

Why I like this CD

If there is anyone who knows how to celebrate the joy of the Lord through the message of hope, it is Don Moen. I was so delighted when this CD, Christmas: A Season of Hope was released. This music surely brings the Light of God into each heart that listens to them.

When listening or watching a concert of Don's, you are always mindful that he is singing to the Lord and not trying to make a spectacle of himself or bring attention to his work. It's all about the love of the Savior. As he sings each song and invites all to share in the experience, Mr. Moen brings us into the presence of the Lord as we worship. It works for me every time!

In this particular album there are many favorites that we love such as Mary Did You Know (written by Mark Lowry) and Joy to the World, but they aren't performed as we normally would sing them. Each of the ten songs are performed uniquely and intertwined in a series of medleys that draw the peace of God near.

Worship leaders will appreciate the fact that this CD is also available in split track as a digital download from his website, with additional training resources that include charts for music, parts and vocals. It is available on MP3 as well. I love this idea, because it makes sharing the songs with the church body easier, especially if you are using any of them for special music.

The album closes with Don singing a Christmas prayer and wishing everyone a very "Merry Little Christmas." If you have never heard of this gifted musician, songwriter and singer I have included his theme song to this CD on video below. Listen to it and let me know what you think.

As Don would relay to you, with a warm heart I wish God's Spirit of Hope be full in your house this Christmas Season.

Don Moen - Christmas : A Season Of Hope

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 May the Season of Hope bring the Lord's blessings for the New Year.

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